Construction Law Attorneys

We began our construction law practice by enforcing and litigating mechanic’s liens and other construction payment remedies. Because we started out primarily as a construction collection law firm, we have a strong background in mechanic’s lien suits, stop notice enforcement and Miller Act litigation. We have grown into a much more robust construction law practice since our founding in 1989.

Please call the experienced construction lawyers at Lambert & Rogers at 619-588-7600 to schedule an initial consultation.

Providing Exceptional Service to Suppliers and Contractors

Today, we represent suppliers and contractors and are happy to help those in all areas of San Diego County, Imperial County, Orange County and Riverside County with a variety of construction law issues.

Simply put, our firm’s strong background makes us the one to turn to with virtually any construction law issue. We can help you and your business by offering sound legal advice.

What We Provide

By placing importance on personal relationships, we have developed a positive reputation and a good rapport with our supplier and contractor clients who look to us for legal assistance when they need sound advice. Since our founding, our firm has expanded and can assist clients with a variety of construction law issues, including:

  • California public works: bond claims and stop notices
  • Collections
  • Construction defects defense
  • Miller Act claims
  • Liens
  • Recovery from nonpayment

What Sets Us Apart

We can help coordinate the use of a contractor’s self-insured retention (SIR), which is a provision within a contractor’s insurance policy that requires a contractor to pay for a specified amount of defense costs in a lawsuit prior to coverage being triggered.

We provide this niche area of defense that enables contractors to get better use out of their insurance policy. It’s an increasingly popular service because it enables contractors to stretch insurance dollars.

Many of our competitors are bigger firms, with commensurately higher fee rates. Our clients return to us for the personal attention, the economical billing and the vast knowledge we offer that comes from years of experience in construction and banking law.

We speak clearly in terms that our clients understand. Additionally, we thoroughly understand the constraints clients work under. For these reasons, you should turn to us, knowledgeable construction law attorneys you can trust, in El Cajon.