Business Contracts

Lambert & Rogers has over 30 years of business law experience and is available to assistance you on virtually any business contract. If you own a business, writing and following through on contracts is likely one of the most important day-to-day activities you face. Whether you are in construction, finance or another field, making sure your vendors and customers follow through on contracts is essential.

Construction and Banking Contracts

Lambert & Rogers also has a vast background in construction and banking law and can assist you in drafting and reviewing these types of contracts, handling contract disputes and providing options available to you in case of a breach of contract.

The firm handles construction contract litigation and has drafted construction contracts. It can provide you with assistance in the following practice areas:

  • Breach of contracts
  • Contract negotiation
  • Construction disputes

Additionally, Lambert & Rogers has experience handling residential property ISO (International Organization for Standardization) litigation, and has handled contract litigation for many others. Don’t be left in a vulnerable situation that could lead to a messy contract dispute or a lawsuit. Lambert & Rogers can provide you with the sound legal advice you need to carry out a contract with confidence.

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Insurance Issues

Lambert & Rogers can review and analyze policies and provide sound advise to the insured on coverage issues, including commercial general liability (CGL), directors and officers (D&O), and title and homeowners policies. When coverage disputes with an insurance carrier cannot be amicably resolved, Lambert & Rogers has the experience to enforce your rights in court, whether through a simple declaratory relief action or a bad faith suit.

Receive the Sound Legal Advice You Need

Some contracts and insurance policies may be straightforward, but in many cases, the terms are dictated by complex legal jargon and convoluted laws. Lambert & Rogers has the experience and is available to assist you with your contract and insurance-related issues.

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