Lambert & Rogers understands that setting up your trust may be a difficult decision. Whether you are planning for your retirement and the eventual distribution of your estate or you are seeking to establish a trust for a loved one who suffers from a disability, making plans for you or your next of kin can be a challenge.

If someone you know and love is incapacitated — permanently or temporarily — Lambert & Rogers can help you manage his or her finances and establish a conservatorship or a special-needs trust, when necessary. Lambert & Rogers is here to provide you with the immediate, personalized service you deserve.

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Why Establish a Trust?

Lambert & Rogers has the knowledge and experience behind it to understand the complicated laws surrounding the formation of trusts and trust litigation. It will provide a well-rounded service to you that few can offer.

Existing Trust Problems

Clients have sought Lambert & Rogers help to deal with problems that have arisen with the administration of an existing trust. After the death of a parent, it is an emotional time for the children. Grieving adult children can often make poor financial choices and become very angry and uncooperative. If you are the beneficiary of a trust, the firm can assist you in making sure that the trust intentions are carried out. If you seek guidance as a successor trustee of a trust, the firm can assist you in resisting spurious claims.

Many lawyers are probate attorneys because they don’t want to take part in litigation. Conversely, we are probate lawyers who provide a very competent litigation service when needed.

Often, litigators know little about probate and probate lawyers don’t know much about litigation. We know both and are capable of helping you through your problems.

Special-Needs Trusts

We are also here to help establish special-needs trusts for clients who have adult children who are developmentally disabled. It is important to ensure that essential government benefits are not lost by improper estate planning. Many vital government assistance programs will be substantially impaired or lost entirely if the parents’ distribution plan is not properly set up. Don’t delay; if a loved one is or has become incapacitated and is unable to make clear, levelheaded decisions, you should seek our services.

Whether you would like to set up a special-needs trust or a conservatorship, we can help with whatever legal wealth management needs you may have.

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