Business Law

Lambert & Rogers is prepared to help you with your varied legal needs and has experience working in the areas of wills, estates, banking and finance law, construction law, contracts, insurance, trusts and trust litigation.

Whether you are a business owner, a bank representative or an individual looking for estate planning services, Lambert & Rogers will provide you with the immediate, personalized service you deserve.

Business Law Practice Areas

Lambert & Rogers serves clients in the areas of:

  • Banking law: When it comes to advising community banks, Lambert & Rogers has years of experience offering sound advice to banks in San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles counties. The firm is familiar with standard loan documents used by most banks and can handle bank loan documentation for complex new credit facilities as well as the restructuring and workout of existing loan problems. Understanding legal nuances and the business of banking is crucial when documenting loans, and understanding complex commercial loans, including how those loans should be structured and collateralized.
  • Construction law: Lambert & Rogers initially began as a construction collection legal practice in 1989, and has experience with mechanic’s liens, nonpayment, business disputes, breach of contract, subcontracting and myriad other construction law issues. It can help your businesses by offering sound legal advice.
  • Contracts: Lambert & Rogers vast background in construction and banking law has given it years of experience handling contracts. The firm is here to help you draft and review business and construction contracts and handle contract disputes, as well as advise you regarding what to do if there is a breach of contract.

Estate Litigation

Wills and Trusts Services: Serving Business Owners and Consumers

Business owners often need to look toward the future, which could include setting up clear succession plans so their company can continue to thrive when they are no longer around. Nonbusiness owners can also benefit from having executable estate plans in place, which often include:

  • Trusts: Lambert & Rogers handles trusts and trust litigation and can assist you with a variety of wealth management and estate issues. It is also available to help establish conservatorships for clients with Alzheimer’s and dementia and adult children who are developmentally disabled. Don’t delay; if a loved one is or has become incapacitated and is unable to make clear, levelheaded decisions, you should discuss this matter with an attorney. Lambert & Rogers will provide you with the immediate, personalized services you deserve.
  • Wills: When it comes to end-of-life planning, many people delay the process, sweep it under the rug and neglect to make important decisions before it’s too late. While it might be difficult to make these types of plans, it’s far worse to leave your next of kin in a vulnerable position, having to sort through your finances and personal and real property distributions.

Because this is such a personal issue, Lambert & Rogers will take the time to understand your concerns and can help you draft a personalized, legally sound last will and testament. It can also assist you with an issue concerning an existing will, and can guide you through the legal process and represent you in probate court, if necessary.

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